RST Linear Bearings / Pillow Blocks (inch)


PBC Linear has combined Frelon material with precision bearing technology to create Simplicity® linear plain bearings. Simplicity self lubricating plain bearings can move in linear, oscillating, rotary, or any combination of motions at speeds exceeding 4 m/s (165 in/s). Designed to handle dust, vibrations, shocks and extrem temperature (-200°C bis +200°C); they will not catastrophically fail.

The SIMPLICITY® plain bearings can cover up 20 times higher loads than ball bearings.

Sleeve bearings are based on Simplicity® linear plain bearing but with a thin shell. It's compact size offers weight advantages, as well as space saving features, while retaining the other benefits of Simplicity® plain bearing technology.

PBC Linear has combined the Frelon material with precision bearing technology to create the Simplicity® linear plain bearing and then placed that bearing inside of a housing to create a Self-Aligning, Plain Bearing Pillow Block. Made to thrive and survive in the presence of contaminants, the self-lubricating liners offer a number of other desirable features.

SIMPLICITY gliding bearings are available in 2 different pre-loads.

Standard version („Precision“)

  • Pre-load ID approx. 0,025 mm
  • For applications with high precision needs

Version C ("Compensated")

  • Pre-load ID approx. 0,076 mm
  • Best choice for parallel running applications